Motorola Minitor V Pagers

A major upgrade in pager performance and options:

Wide and narrow-band programmable

Improved paging sensitivity

Expanded alert tones

Tremendous stored voice capacity

Rugged design and excellent durability

Product Description:

The MINITOR V pager is one of Motorola's most robust paging devices to date. MINITOR V's enhanced functionality and dependability allows your agency to confidently dispatch your fire and safety personnel.


•Single and Dual Channel models.

•Wide and Narrow-Band Options - Programmable for both UHF and VHF

•Paging Sensitivity - Helps consistently receives messages, even in fringe or weak signal areas.

•Expanded Stored Voice Capacity - Recording time increase to eight minutes, one of the longest in the industry.

•Silent Scan (Dual frequency model).

•Scan each channel for alert tones. Play only those messages intended for the user.

•Priority Scan (Dual frequency model).Plays all traffic on Channel 2, alerts on Channel 1

•Speaker/Earphone Jack.

•12 Alert Tones Per Channel. Supports 8 two-tone pairs and 4 long-tone alerts

•Programmable Music Alerts - Supports 10 different musical alerts

•Function Mode Announcement (Stored voice option). Announces operating programmed mode when turned on.

Additional Features:

Meets MIL- STD 810E, Procedures 1 for Driving Rain

Tone, Vibrate or Vibrate then Tone Alerting Options

Field Programmable Frequencies and Tones

Certifed Intrinsically Safe

Standard MINITOR V Package includes:

Battery Pack


User’s Guide

One-Year Warranty