Public Safety Solutions

Motorola is the leader in mission critical wireless systems.

Most First Responders from local communities to Federal Government agencies, rely on Motorola for their mission critical wireless communications. Today, as the focus shifts from notification and response towards prevention and detection, the need for Integrated Wireless Systems has never been greater. Every day Motorola continues to meet this challenge, integrating 2-way radio, microwave, fiberoptic trunks, with 911, CAD, mobile data applications, and remote databases. We are Proven. And we're getting better every day.

Our Public Safety Solutions Include:

•Project 25 Two Way Radios

•Rugged Notebook Computers

•Mobile Data

•Mobile Video

To build the most powerful Mission Critical Solution

True interoperability -- Instant communication and data sharing enabling agencies to communicate as one.

Critical networks -- Always available, operating as a lifeline to keep all responders in contact with up to date information, every day and especially during a crisis.

Mission critical data -- The power of pre-emptive intelligence to facilitate informed, rapid response by means of secure information distributed by 'always available' networks.

It starts with planning and integration -- Motorola seamlessly dovetails planning, program management, civil integration issues, wireless networking, and system staging through final testing for mission critical systems across the country.

And expertly supported -- Motorola provides ongoing system monitoring of our mission critical solution, manning support centers, managing maintenance and enhancement as the organization grows. And continually supplying training as needs change, and technology evolves.

In order to create a Secure Homeland -- With a integrated wireless network agencies can respond effectively to the daily requests for support to the most critical situations.

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