Industry Solutions


To keep any construction project on track, you need timely coordination from management to foremen, subcontractors, and individual tradespeople. Our wireless solutions make it easy to: helping keep projects on schedule, avoid errors, meet deadlines and keep costs on budget.


Maintaining order and ensuring student safety are priorities for any school. Whether monitoring assemblies, sporting events, or the commotion of lunchtime in the cafeteria, instant communication helps keep things running smoothly. And, it's also an effective way to increase maintenance staff productivity, direct busing activities and bolster school security.


When caring for the aged and infirm, it's a necessity that providers have a timely means of communication. It allows nurses to take immediate action or call for assistance in the event of a disturbance, accident or emergency. Plus, it's a cost-effective way to increase the overall service and satisfaction of residents or patients, whose daily requests can be met more efficiently.


Excellent service and customer satisfaction are the keys to loyalty and repeat business. Motorola wireless solutions keep your staff connected, from the front desk and concierge to event planners and maintenance personnel. That means a more productive staff and fast response to guest needs, special events, spills, and emergencies.


Productivity and efficiency. They're the leading reasons why manufacturing companies and warehouses purchase Motorola portable business two-way radios and headsets. With smart, durable, easy-to-use wireless communication tools from Motorola, you'll accelerate job progress and keep every member of your production team connected and efficient.


In the Upstream operations of extraction and production, you need to carefully manage and monitor your operations to prevent hazards such as oil spills and fires.

In the Downstream operations of pipelines, petrochemical plants, oil refineries and distribution channels, you face the daily challenges to achieve great efficiencies with high safety standards. We offer wireless communications solutions that help you to meet your operational needs through efficient use of information and resource allocation.

Property Management:

Improving efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction are leading reasons why property management companies purchase Motorola portable two-way radios. They're convenient, economical, and easy to use - and the key to enhancing customer satisfaction.

Public Safety:

We deliver communication solutions that allow fire departments to focus on their mission, making technology second nature. Our solutions deliver real-time information into the hands of users allowing for better decisions and better outcomes on scene.


Enhancing efficiency and productivity are priorities in retail. Motorola wireless solutions help you improve customer service by keeping your staff in constant contact.


If you're in the business of moving people or cargo - in the air, on the ground or at sea - access to real-time data is vital to your success. Tap into transportation and logistics solutions by Motorola.