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With Canopy you can go from being an Internet User to an Internet Provider - in a Flash

•No License Needed Canopy works in the unlicensed U-NII spectrum so there is no need for spectrum licensing.

•No Complex Equipment Canopy equipment is streamlined and easy to install.

•No Major Investment The start-up cost of the Canopy platform is more affordable than any other wireless Internet connectivity option.

•No Complex Infrastructure

Your Canopy system can be up and running in a day! No need to run overhead or in-ground cable and there is no microwave or software to install. A Canopy System is based on a wireless broadband technology that provides for high-speed Internet access and was designed to provide cost-effective, "last-mile" high speed data access for customers who previously were underserved or lived in locations where infrastructure is non-existent. The Canopy system uses Point-to-Point and Point-to- Multipoint networks than can distances ranging from two to 10 miles in a Multi-Point configuration, to as many as 35 miles in a point-to-Point configuration.* The basic building blocks of a Canopy system are:

•Access Point (AP) easily interfaces with your existing Local Area Network (LAN)

•Backhaul Unit (BH) provides Internet “feed” from a remote location.

•Subscriber Module (SM) the Internet access receiver, is small and easy to install - there’s no obtrusive equipment.

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The Access Point and Subscriber Modules are compact and designed to be mounted outdoors, so there is no need to run overhead and in-ground wire or microwave. And, there’s no additional software for you to install, further limiting exposure to error.

The Canopy solution also delivers outstanding performance using a modulation scheme that improves the quality of data delivery and mitigates interference from other systems. Motorola’s Canopy platform offers security with over-the-air encryption that scambles data bits and helps prevent interception, so data delivery with the Canopy solution is very relaible.

•Point-to Point configuration** up to 10-35 miles at 6-14 Mbps

•Point-to-Multipoint configuration** up to 2-10 miles at 4 Mbps

Canopy is faster than any other ISP option and delivers more reliable service.